The No Ideas Original Podcast was created in March of 2020 during the start of the COVID 19 pandemic by two Bronx natives Shanon and Mr. Raab. Shortly thereafter another Bronx native, Zain joined the team. The podcast was created to discuss topics such as hip-hop culture, pop culture, fashion, sports, politics, wellness, economics, community and knowledge. During the first two months of recording, the podcast was only offered in audio format on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast. After a while it became apparent that the quarantine would last longer than initially expected and the guys decided to take the show virtual and create a YouTube channel.

With 3 distinct personalities and interest, you never know what you’re going to get when you tune into the No Ideas Original Podcast. You may pop in and catch the crew having a riveting discussion on Black History, debating hip hop, and/or discussing their latest stock interest. In addition to their own banter occasionally a guest or two drops by to chop it up with the crew. After only 1 year, the guys were able to land a number of interviews with entertainers, entrepreneurs and educators.

Some of the previously featured guest on the No Ideas Original Podcast include:

DJ Ron. G (Mixtape DJ, Producer)
Willie Esco (Fashion Designer)
Shyheim The Rugged Child (Rapper)
Demont Pinder (Artist)
HeatMakerz (Producer)
Dr. Garfield Bright (From the Group SHAI)
Masta Ace (Rapper)
Antonio Tarver (Boxer)
General Steele (Rapper, Smiff N Wessun)
Cuban Link (Rapper)
Ali Vegas (Rapper)
OC (Rapper, DITC)
DJ Efn (Drink Champs Podcast)
Kaba Kamene (Educator, African Historian)
DJ G. Money (DJ, Flip Da Script Podcast)
Minister Ju (Author, Existence Coach)
Shirt King Phade (Designer, Graffiti Artist)
Shannon Holmes (Author)
K’Wan Foye (Author)
Father MC (Rapper)
Imam T.H.U.G (Rapper)
Tragedy Khadafi (Rapper)

Inspired by the early success of the No Ideas Original Podcast, the crew decided to create a spin-off specifically for sports called The No Ideas Original Sports Podcast. The No Ideas Original Sports Podcast features Bronx natives, Kenyatta, Kareem, and Theo. Following a formula similar to the No Ideas Original Podcast the guys chop it up about sports weekly and also have been fortunate enough to interview the likes of:

Joshua Morgan Sr. (Former NFL Player)

Jamar Wise (Former College Athlete, Trainer, Assistant Coach from Roselle Catholic)

Terrance Munch (Director of PSA Cardinals AAU Program)

Derrell Coley (Ex Professional Boxer)

Luis Collazo (Professional Boxer)

No Ideas Original LLC. is looking forward to continuing to do great things. Our motto is “One Dope Conversation At A Time”.




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